Andrew McAfee: What will future jobs look like?

Second post and another TED talk… And although the topics are different, both talks have something in common. Something that will underpin everything I am going to share in this blog: the amazement for the world we live in and the power of technology to fully grasp our very existence.

Despite my poor religious vein, I can’t help but agree with the quote cited by Andrew McAfee in his talk:

“Technology is a gift of God. After the gift of life it is perhaps the greatest of God’s gifts. It is the mother of civilizations, of arts and of sciences.” — Freeman Dyson

We are at the edge of a revolution. Things are changing so rapidly that people struggle to believe what they are seeing with the their own eyes. We are discovering the genome, creating living tissues in laboratory and even prototyping human organs, exchanging data at a volume and a speed unimaginable only few years ago, making objects smart and interconnected…

The tricky part will be to leverage on these innovative solutions to tackle societal challenges. Innovation can result in job polarisation and a sick squeezed middle class or in a more equal and pacific society. A better world is within our reach – a world where everybody has the means to live a life worth of the amazement we are made of.